IDF killing children
-Even Israeli general complains on the unloading of guns on girls with scissors

Israel often targets children playing all alone. The practise of targeting children has religious backings both from the Torah and the Talmud.  A new book even confirms that the rulings are correct for use even today. The infamous book’s name is “Torah Ha-Melech”(The Kings Torah)
Authors of the book have had legal consequences because of the books accept the killings of babies of the enemy.
That is apparently just for appeasing foreigners, since everyone knows that it is the way of waging war commanded by God Almighty, and that commandment cannot be overruled by man at least not in a theocracy like Israel, regardless of what the civilian laws are saying.

The killings of children in Gaza does not only occur at the major attacks from Israel but as a sporadic activity that happen all the year around. This is never reported ny the mainstream media.
For reference:
Cast Lead 27/12-2008 till 18/1-2009
Pillar of cloud, 14-21/11-2012

IDF killings “legal” foundations

According to Lt. Colonel Avital Leibowitz from

Lia Tarachansky: “We’re trying to understand why the Israeli air force was not able to distinguish between combatants, and these children?”

Avital Leibowitz: “I think your question is mistaken, because it’s not a matter of distinction. When we target terrorists in Gaza, we target terrorists that either are ticking bombs, or have very large influence on committing terror activities against Israelis.”

Lia Tarachansky: “There was only one missile shot, according to witnesses, and it was at two children, one 12 and one 14, sitting outside of their house.”

Avital Leibowitz: “The logic is what when someone is trying to launch a rocket at you, then the logic is – we better target that person before he targets us.”

Rules for shooting Molotov throwers

Usual practise

Various events where Israeli soldiers have shot children seemingly just for the sake of fun

13-year old football boy sniped down from helicopter when practising

Ghadeer Jaber Mokheimer,10

Ragda Al-Assar, 10

Soldiers hiding near schoolyards

See pages 36-37 in PCHR report 2011 (Complete listing?)
In 2011, IOF killed 14 Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip, and 2 in the West Bank. One of these children was killed by Israeli settlers; 2 were killed during extra-judicial executions; 5 were killed when IOF bombarded “buffer zones;” and 8 were killed when IOF bombarded houses and civilian facilities. Thus, the number of Palestinian children killed by IOF since the beginning of the second Palestinian Intifada in September 2000 has mounted to 1,258 (919 in the Gaza Strip and 339 in the West Bank). Additionally, 6,916 children have been wounded (6,073 in the Gaza Strip and 843 in the West Bank).

• On 27 January 2011, Yousef Fakhri Mousa Ekhlil, 15, from Beit Ummar town north of Hebron, was killed when Israeli settlers encroached into the town and opened fire at Palestinian civilians.7

• On 19 March 2011, IOF positioned at the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel to the east of Juhor al-Dik village in the central Gaza Strip fired a number of artillery shells at two Palestinian children who were nearly 300 meters away from the border. The two children were instantly killed. IOF continued to fire at the area overnight. The following morning, IOF moved nearly 400 meters into the area. At approximately 11:30, an
ambulance of the Palestine Red Crescent Society was able to enter the area following coordination between the ICRC and IOF. The medical crews found the bodies of the two children nearly 300meters away from the border, and evacuated them to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. The two children were identified as: ‹Emad Mohammed ‹Eissa Farajallah, 16; and Qassem Salah Abu ‹Otaiwi, 16, both from al-Nussairat refugee camp.

• On 22 March 2011, IOF killed 4 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children, and wounded 11 others, including 8 children, by firing artillery shells inro al-Shuja’iya neighborhood in the east of Gaza City.8

• On 07 April 2011, IOF positioned at the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel fired at least 10 artillery shells while IOF helicopter gunships opened fire in the vicinity of Gaza International Airport, southeast of Rafah. A number of shells landed near 3 Palestinian civilians, including a child, who were in the airport:
Khaled Isma’il Hamdan al-Dbari, 17; Mohammed ‹Aayada al-Mahmoum, 25; and Saleh Jermi ‹Atiya alTarabin, 38.

On 08 April 2011, IOF positioned at the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel fired two artillery shells at a gathering of Palestinian civilians near the cemetery of al-Shuja’iya neighborhood in the east of Gaza City.As
a result, two civilians, including a child, were killed: Mahmoud Wa’el al-Jaru, 10; and Bilal Mohammed al-’Ar’ir, 24.

On 15 May 2011, Shifa Hospital received the body of Khamis Salah Mesleh Habeeb, 17, from Tal al-Za’tar area in the east of the northern Gaza Strip town of Jabalya. Habeeb was killed when IOF positioned at the
border between the Gaza Strip and Israel near Nahal Ouz crossing, east of Gaza City, fired an artillery shell at Palestinian areas. It should be noted that Habeeb suffered from a mental disability.

On 19 September 2011, Ibrahim ‘Adnan ‘Abed Rabbu al-Zaza, 14, from al-Tuffah neighborhood in the east of Gaza City, died of a wound he had sustained on 19 August 2011, when an Israeli drone fired a missile at a number of members of the Palestinian resistance near al-Wafaa’ Hospital in the east of Gaza City. As a result, two children were seriously wounded: Ibrahim ‘Adnan ‘Abed Rabbu al-Zaza, 14; and Mohammed ‘Aatef ‘Abed Rabbu al-Zaza, 15. Ibrahim had received medical treatment in Shifa Hospital in Gaza City for one week before he was transferred to an Israeli hospital, where he received medical treatment until his death.

PCHR report 2012 page 45 (Not a complete lisiting)

Killing of children
In 2012, Israeli forces killed 44 Palestinian children in total, two of whom were in the West Bank and 42 in the Gaza Strip. The majority of the children were killed
during the Israeli offensive in November. They were killed under different circumstances, most seriously, the bombardment of houses and civilian facilities. In 2012, the total number of children killed in the oPt since September 2000 rose to 1,304, 346 in the West
Bank and 958 in the Gaza Strip. During the same period, a total of 7,399 children have been wounded, 6,523 in the Gaza Strip and 876 in the West Bank. Hundreds of the wounded children have subsequently been left with permanent disabilities. The following section lists the most serious attacks committed by Israeli forces against children in 2012:
• On 6 March 2012, two Palestinian children were killed and three others wounded when explosive material belonging to the Israeli forces exploded
in the Wad al-Reem area in the east of Sa’ir village, northeast of Hebron. A group of boys were near their homes in a yard used to store scrap metal when a suspicious object exploded. Two children were killed immediately, Hamza Mohammed Zayed
Jaradat (12) and Zayed Jom’a Zayed Jaradat (12). Three of their relatives suffered shrapnel wounds throughout their bodies. Their wounds ranged from moderate to severe. Zayed’s brother, Nazir Jom’a Zayed Jaradat (16) sustained shrapnel wounds in
the back of his head, shoulder, and right thigh. Palestinian police investigated the incident and found that the explosion had resulted from a mortar left
behind by Israeli forces. As a result, Israeli forces moved into the area and inspected the scene.
• On 19 June 2012, Israeli forces stationed along the border fence in the east of alMussadar village, east of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, opened
fire at three Palestinian boys, who were attempting to cross the border into Israel to seek employment. Two of the boys were killed, including Mohammed
Bassam Shokri Abu M’eileq (17) from al-Mussadar village. The third boy was wounded and transferred to al-Aqsa Martyr Hospital in Deir al-Balah.
• On 20 June 2012, an Israeli warplane launched a missile at a family who were relaxing on their farmland behind the University College in Tal al-Hawa, in the south of Gaza City. The missile killed Ma’moun Mohammed Zohdi al-Dam (13) from al-Sha’af neighbourhood. Ma’moun was playing football on the farmland, which belongs to his mother, Amna Hassouna (50). Ma’moun’s father, Mohammed Zohdi Mahmoud Abed al-Nabi al-Dam (67), sustained shrapnel wounds in his head and neck. Three children, who were on the neighbouring farmland belonging to Talal al-Dahshan, were also wounded.

-The 13-year old football player-kid shot from an helicopter is not mentioned in the annual report 2012, but in the weekly report

• On 10 November 2012, Israeli forces positioned along the border fence in the east of Gaza City fired an artillery shell at a group of boys. The boys were playing football in Jabal al-Mentar, east of alShuja’iya neighbourhood in Gaza City, and were
about 1,500 metres away from the fence. The attack instantly killed two children from the Harara
1. Mohammed Osama Hassan Harara (16); and
2. Ahmed Mostafa Khaled Harara (17).
Following the explosion, a number of Palestinian civilians, who were expressing their condolences at a wake at the Harara family home, hurried out to see what happened. Israeli forces fired three more shells at the group, killing an additional two
1. Ahmed Kamel al-Dardasawi (18); and
2. Matar Imad Abdul Rahman Abu al-Atta (19).
In total, 38 civilians were wounded, 10 of whom sustained serious injuries, and nine of whom were children.

Killings of children during wartime
continuing list from PCHR report 2012:

On 18 November 2012, Israeli warplanes bombarded the al-Dalou family home in Gaza City, killing five children.

On 18 November 2012, Tasnim Zuhair al-Nahhal(10) was killed while standing in front of her home in al-Shati’ refugee camp. She was killed during an
attack by Israeli forces, which was targeting Ahmed Isam Sarhan al-Nahhal (25) of the al-Qassam Brigades as he sat in a tent near the Baghdad mosque in al-Shati’ refugee camp. The targeted person was killed, along with five passers-by.
• On 20 November 2012, Mahmoud Khalil al-Arja (16) and Ibrahim Ahmed Hamad (16) were killed by an Israeli airstrike while they were near their homes in
the al-Nahda neighbourhood in al-Shoka village, east of Rafah. They were 1,000 metres away from the border fence.

Documentary film based on the Goldstone report (Cast Led)

Saheed abu Halima, who was 18 months old, was from Al Atatra, north of Gaza City


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