IDF killings

Israel often targets children playing all alone. The practise of targeting children has religious backings both from the Torah and the Talmud.
A new book even confirms that the rulings are correct for use even today. The infamous book’s name is “Torah Ha-Melech”(The Kings Torah).
Authors of the book have had legal consequences because of the books acceptance of the killings of babies of the enemy. That is apparently just for appeasing foreigners, since everyone knows that it is the way of waging war that is commanded by God Almighty, and that commandment cannot be overruled by man, at least not in a theocracy like Israel regardless of what the civilian laws are saying.
The killings of children in Gaza does not only occur at the major attacks from Israel but is as a sporadic activity that happen all the year around. This is never reported ny the mainstream media.
For reference: Cast Lead 27/12-2008 till 18/1-2009 Pillar of cloud, 14-21/11-2012

IDF killings “legal” foundations

According to Lt. Colonel Avital Leibowitz from 

Lia Tarachansky: “We’re trying to understand why the Israeli air force was not able to distinguish between combatants, and these children?”
Avital Leibowitz: “I think your question is mistaken, because it’s not a matter of distinction. When we target terrorists in Gaza, we target terrorists that either are ticking bombs, or have very large influence on committing terror activities against Israelis.”
Lia Tarachansky: “There was only one missile shot, according to witnesses, and it was at two children, one 12 and one 14, sitting outside of their house.”
Avital Leibowitz: “The logic is what when someone is trying to launch a rocket at you, then the logic is – we better target that person before he targets us.”

Rules for shooting Molotov throwers 

Usual practise

Soldiers complaining that people are filming them because they cannot kill freely

Blocking of ambulances
(Next to the last paragraph)

Shooting on ambulances,7340,L-3652515,00.html

Teargas canisters shot to the head

Teargas canister to the chest or suffocations of teargas

Hit by dronestrike

Killed while fishing

Killed in the buffertzone

Killed while demonstrating peacefully

Retaliationstrike from air

Shot to death in ones home

Shot with a dum-dum bullet
All shootings to the legs that result in deaths are very likely done with dum-dum bullets

Alone at a checkpoint

Mentally disabled people are killed in the bufferzone as well


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