Israel tortures children

Australian documentary

Detaining of  VERY YOUNG CHILDREN from  5 years of  age


Pissing in childrens faces

Terror with dogs


B’Tselem – Israeli human rights organization reports

DCI (Defence of Children International) report
“Palestinian Child prisoners – The systematic and institutionalized ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children by Israeli authorities”

Breaking of bones

Beatings and sleepdeprivation

Solitary confinement

Signing confessions in a language not understood

Children as human shields

UN accuses Israel of torturing Palestinian children

Psychological terror
Add the frequent shelling of Gaza for no apparent reason, not even targeting anyone in the “killing-allowed” bufferzone, the war-plane fly-overs and constant buzzing of drones.
As well ass the large number of arrests

Burning with cigarettes

Letter to President Obama

Minnesota State Representative campaigns for special envoy for Palestinian children

From Stones to Knives Part Two: Israel Convicts an Innocent Child

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