The Body of the Terrorist: Blood Libels, Bio-Piracy, and the Spoils of War at the Israeli Forensic Institute

By Nancy Scheper-Hughes
NSH-Body of the Terrorist

My note:
Study this text to get a glimpse of a very, very potent thought-virus. This thought-virus starts with you defining yourself of having a Jewish identity.
These are the “mental powers” it will give you:
It will promote in you a “mania”, a restlessness, a self-confidence, a feeling of superiority and it will build in you an audacity that will make people heads spin in disbelief.
It will erase your ability to self-criticism and you will experience a life without hesitation and doubt.

These are the downsides:
It will erase your ability to feel kinship with the world outside the infected tribe.
It will then make you feel disconnected to the Non-Jewish world, that the Non-Jewish world is inherently evil and that you only can trust your fellow tribesmen.
Your thought-virus infected tribe will very likely commit more genocides and destroy this world as we know it, because the thought-virus destroyed your ability to self-critiscism.

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