Israel:Killing theory

The political leadership of Israel endorse killing of civilians.
Demonisation of Palestinians.
Callings for genocide of the Palestinian people.

Academia calls for genocide of the Palestinian people

Military leadership endorses killings of civilians–even-if-the-targets-may-have-been-civilians-10223427.html

Courts of justice free IDF killers of civilians

Religious leadership approves killings of civilians.
Calls for genocide against the Palestinaian people (Amalek)
Gentiles have non-human status,5081,5140#msg-5140

The neoconsevatives of the USA endorse genocide

Israeli children indoctrination, dreamings of “killing arabs”

Confessions of IDF soldiers of the ease of killing children and civilians. Palestinans have non-human status.

Israeli soldier: ‘We bombed civilians for entertainment’

Civilian society endorses killing of Palestinian children and civilian adults. Callings for genocide of the Palestinians


Civilian  car-hit-and-runs of Palestinan children (not updated)

Documentation of IDF childkillings

International observers and NGOs contend that IDF soldiers are targeting children and civilians willfully.

Bloggers from around the world document IDF killings of children and civilians

More Israeli soldiers commit suicide than are killed of Hamas

Netanyahu influence

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