The People versus Goldman Sachs

Who’s your Daddy?

ScreenHunter_2010 Mar. 15 16.14by Katherine Frisk

My first introduction to Goldman Sachs was an interview on BBC, where the shocked reporters were aghast when Alessio Rastani declared that a) He had been waiting for the 2008 crash because he was going to become very rich out of it and knew how “to play it,” no matter the devastation not only to Americans but in countries around the world; b) He declared that Goldman Sachs rules the world. You can see the interview HERE

My second wake up call was that Goldman who had cooked the books so that Greece could become part of the EU, has been largely responsible for the total economic meltdown and destruction of that country where they now have to sell off their national treasures to private and corporate ownership, which includes their Islands and the Acropolis in order to survive. Greece no longer belongs…

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