To the Jews/satanists

Satanist child murderers enemies of Humanity, listen:
I am a Hater
of people following the religion of: “compassion forbidden for a Non-Jew”- Lo Sichonaym.

Humanist Jew, filmmaker Menachem Daum asks important posikim (great rabbis), if he is allowed to help gentiles, tsunami victims, out of compassion,5081,5140#msg-514

“Recently I asked two major poskim whether it is permitted to
send an unsolicited donation toward tsunami relief.
In the case I posed to them, the recipients would not know a
Jew was sending the donation.
There would be no Kiddush HaShem if it were sent nor would
there be a Chilul HaShem if it were withheld.
Both eminent authorities ruled that in such a case it was clearly a violation
of the negative prohibition of “Lo Sichonaym”,
we are not permitted to do a gratuitous act of kindness for a non-Jew.”

I am a hater of people who are apologists, or covering for it, excusing it in any shape or form.(Un)Holy Laws of Judaism/satanism, the Halakha, forbid the saving of my child from death if the reason is compassion and not a Public Relations trick.
If you have the slightest microscopic apology for Judaism, you are challenging the safety and future of my children, and it doesn’t matter if the threat is microscopical or not, you are an enemy who must die.

Harvard professor Noah Feldhman, exposing Judaism

” If you intended to save the patient’s life so as to facilitate
good relations between Jews and non-Jews,
your actions were permissible. But if,
to the contrary, you intended to save the patient out
of universal morality, then you were in fact guilty of
violating the Sabbath”

I want to kill you, satanist, I am dreaming of killing you. For even the smallest threat left on my children, I want to drink your blood and eat your flesh. My ancestors demand it, and the reptile brain is kicking in overwhelming me. I am actually dreaming of killing you, satan worshipper, then pray to the Son Of God to heal you and wake you up from dead, so that I can kill you satan again, and again, and again, and again.
For even an almost undetectable threat on my children, I would feast upon killing you, satanist, if it was possible. With no law around, I would hunt you, and spill your blood. I would consume you.
This  sentence below only, would be sufficient for me to hunt you and spill your blood, you satanist. Notice that my children are not even mentioned, the threat-level in the sentence against my own children is undetectable low:
– “It is antisemitism to say that the suffering of the Palestinians could have anything to do with the Halakhot and the Talmud”.
This is enough for me, if a situation was given, to drink your blood and eat you flesh, you devil worshipper. I would do it, because it is an obvious lie, which is weaponized towards gentiles. The cornerstone of Rabbinic Judaism and the Halakhot are that we gentiles are not human, that we have no reason to exist, but as slaves to the Jews, that lieing,  deception and fraud  and also stealing is religiously endorsed as well the fact that compassion is forbidden against us. To say that Judaism/satanism couldn’t be the explanation for the pain inflicted on the Palestinians, is a brazen lie, which should get you killed immediately.
All brazen-faced lies must be taken into account, because they are evidence of the existence of an elevated threat-level to members of humanity. Since humanity is connected, it represents a threat to all of us. A threat against Palestinians can if remained unchecked grow and reach my own future generations, this is why it is unwise, to not care about what happens to other members of the human race.
Another brazen weaponized lie, is that Jews where thrown out of 109 places the last 2000 years because of Christian ANTISMEMITISM. The Halkhot towards Non-Jews are conveniently not mentioned, by you devil worshipper, they are denied, when asked about Judaism, you tell people of low knowledge that it is about compassion.

Even if one don’t care about other people, you are shooting yourself, if one lets injustices remain unchecked, believing it will never reach the ones that you love.
Today it is the Palestinians who you, Jews/sata nworshippers feel confident in implementing the Halakhot on, as not worthy of being saved from death, tomorrow the threat can reach my doorstep. Governments could decide to send in UN-troops to protect the Palestinians, but the mighty shekel reaches everywhere and goyim leaders get corrupted to look away, not realizing that they are destroying international law and order and therefore in continuation destroying the future of their own children.

Therefore the wise person who cares about his future generations tries to stop your attack against the Palestinians,  before your activity reaches his own doorstep.
I would dedicate my life to hunt you and kill you satan worshipper, for the slightest threat level against my children, if no law would stop me, because it is very apparent that you don’t value other peoples children enough to expose the Halakhot onto the whole world. More important to you, than the safety of our children is your victim status.
You are very lucky there are armed guards upholding the law, making the price too high pursuing the cause.
They blink, and you are dead satan worshipper, since you expose risky behavior towards my children.
Since we have law, I have to work with writings to stop you,  petitioning politicians, which is not as effective as putting a bullet in your head, you devil worhipper.
There is also strategic reasons for not killing you satan, such us, what if other parts of Jewry, use it for strengthening their victim status consolidating, the grip of peoples minds even more.
So it is not that I don’t hate you enough, satan worshipper that you are left breathing, your media have formidable powers of distorting the truth. I don’t want to give you the reason to convince politicians for a new brainwashing campaigne against antisemitism/anti-satanism. You made a formidable work promoting the Holohoax, where you took deception to bold a new level.
On the other hand if you want to be religious Jews, and be open about the Halakhot, open and honestly declaring, “we don’t view you as humans, deception is allowed against you, compassion is forbidden,  as well as lieing and fraud, this is our religion”, then I would protect you and your right to practise your satanism, you would not be a threat, you have the right to exist, even have your own nation etc. The problem is when you lie,  and deny you deceptions, throwing yourself on the floor screaming holocaust antisemitism. The lieing and the deception would even that not be a problem, if the goyim could understand your drama as an act. If this was the case, we could also do the effort to play along, to keep you happy.
“Here’s a rubber knife, a lay myself on the alter and you can do your little thingy imagining you’re sacrificing a human for real, according to Leviticus 27:27-29”

But you who are denying the religious incitements in Israels rhetoric are brazen liars, you are doing harm not distancing yourself from something you don’t practice, closing your eyes to Israel religious war rhetoric, you know damn well why Israel must have Jerusalem. It is for the fulfilling of religious prophesies, but you pretend you are secular when it fits you and religious when it fits otherwise, you pretend to believe that something good can come out of a religion which endorses lying and fraud against gentiles and forbids compassion against us, this is how much you respect us.
People who honestly say they have religious reasons to kill  are easily stopped, but you are playing both sides, simultaneously  while denying the religious part, you are not easily stopped.
If you want safety and respect, you must be open and honest.
You want to keep the Halakhot, Judaism/satanism, then openly  admit you are threatening our children and there is no problem, we are not enemies, we would never be friends though, but we are not enemies who would hurt you, the goyim would protect your right to worship your satan-god, putting guards around your temple. But the
“we are harmless victims”,  while unloading your guns on Palestinian Children is harder for the goyim to stop. The goyim cannot figure out that you are screwing his brains.
It is here, where you become an enemy, satan worshipper,  and even this would have been no problem if the goyimg could figure it out and put UN-troops on Palestine to protect the indigenous population, but you are screwing their minds with your imaginary holocaust, which allegedly happened in Poland.
Goyim, mixing things up and think, that it is their fault, because you said so, and forgetting that it didn’t happen in Palestine. Problem is that it didn’t even happen at all, you satanists were rounded up by good decent people, to be thrown out for the 110:th time the last 2000 years, but now you have made people believe that WW2 was about Hitler wanting to kill 6 million Jews, the 6 milion dieing, suffering Jews figure has been repeated 271 times in newspapers since 1905, it is a number from the Kabbalah, and the deception must have been planned many years before WW2.
Your statements
“It is written, but nobody is following it”,
“We are secular, not religious” , are dangerous, because so very few of you are whistle blowing the Halakhot, and the Jews who do, are demonized by you, are called self-hating Jews, called  anti-semites by you
So it dosen’t matter that you say you don’t follow the Halakhot, it is there, you don’t whistle blow it, today you say you don’t follow it, tomorrow when your Moshiah comes, which is the Anti-Christ, you will, and this is perceived as a threat.
If you blew the whistle, and people knew, there would be no threat, but since people are not aware of your satanic religion, the threat persists.
Doesn’t matter how small the threat is, for only the slightest threat, you must be eliminated and killed as the satan you are, as enemies of mankind, for the safety of our  children since your satanic religion forbids compassion towards them.  You say you don’t follow the Halakhot, but you won’t expose them to the world, always pretending you are victims, for our future generations,  you satanist must be removed, I would do my best to make you disappear you if I could.
Arm guards upholding law and order, is protecting you satan worshippers from me.
Chance given, I would holocaust you, at the very least throw you out of Europe.
But If you are open and honest, about Judaism/satanism, then you are protected, even by me, I would save you from death, if you have declared openly and honestly that you are forbidden to save our children from death.
Why? Because we are human. Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheist and Christians.
We would never be friends, since you are satanists, but no one would touch you and harm you, you worship your satan-god all day long, no problem, but this is not what you want, you don’t want peace, you want to conquer the world, you want to run your deceptions as far as it can take you.
Were the world leaders not corruptible, it wouldn’t have been any problem, you would be easily stopped, you would not  be able to unload you guns on  Palestinian Children and at the same time fix legislation forbidding BDS, such as your influence have bought in France and England. This is why, if only one bullet left, you spend it on the traitor, not on the enemy, which is you.
It is not all your fault satanists, you were brainwashed from being children, celebrating Pesach and Purim where you´re celebrating the killing of gentiles, eating Haman symbolically. You really are innocent, but not in the way you think o.r pretend you are. You are a victim of being brought up in a satanic religion, and your brain is completely screwed up celebrating massacres of children an women from childhood.
For Jews who want to belong to humanity as well as being friends:
Denounce Judaism/satanism, whistle blow the Halakhot at the very least, teach the world about the hate within the religion of Judaism/satanism, condemn it openly, and we are best friends, but if trying to obfuscate things about Judaism/satanism, talking about “antisemitism”, then we are  enemies to death. Never ever use the weaponized word “antisemitsm” again, never talk about the Holocaust and 6 million allegedly murdered Jews as while other fellow satanists are unloading their guns on Palestinian children. If you do, we are enemies. If peace comes, there is no problem, then don’t say only 6 million Jews, I would say whatever you want. 20 million Jews in the gaschambers? OK, 20 million. Just don’t use it as a weapon of mass destruction.
If you practice  Judaism/satanism openly, admitting it supremacists views openly, hey then there is no problem, no threat felt and we are not enemies, we are just not friends, but you are untouchable.  You are safe. There is absolutely no problem, no threat felt against our future generations.

We just want peace

But instead, you want to go all in, you want to run your deceptions, using your weaponized holo-hoax  and your “antisemitism”against the Palestinians, screw peoples minds that you are defending yourselves against terrorist and JUST WANT PEACE, covering up for Judaism, to people who know, pretending that it  never  ever had any influence what so ever on Judaic behavior towards gentiles, to people who don’t know that it is a religion of love and compassion. This while demonizing Islam, while you know very well that Saudi-Arabia are friends of Israel, and that the information that the House of Saud are Crypto-Jews are well spread over the whole Middle-East.
Therefore we  have a threat towards humanity, towards our own children, that must be checked.
The religious Jews are not the problem, they proclaim their views openly.
You are influenced by them, but you deny it.
You satanist unload your guns on Palestinian women and children and wounded men lying, and you are behaving according to the Halakha, and cry “I am a victim, it is antisemitism”, which is also endorsed by the Halakha.
You are at war with us, and we’ve just found that out. This is why I hate you, satanist. You are evil satan-worshippers, not honest about it, therefore you represent a threat to all mankind.

/Lasse Karagiannis

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