Judaic script of deception

When you ask a Jew about what Judaism is he goes through the following route of deception.

1.  He answers that Judaism is the old testament, love your fellow human being as yourself, the rest is details.

2. You then quote Talmud verses of hate for the Jew, and he answers that the Talmud is just a discussion club, and that this is not the overall opinion of the Talmud.

3. You ask him to give an example of positive quotations on gentiles, he send’s you to
the “Gil Student” site, where the hateful verses are refuted with the weakest argumentation.

The standard answer, hoping that you’re just another idiot they can fool
is  from Sanhedrin 59 a “gentile is like a High Priest”, where they omit the part
that if the gentile reads their Torah deserves death.

4. Then you show them that Halakhot are derived from consensus
among the most important rabbis during the centuries on comments upon comments
on the Talmud, then they understand that you know too much, that you are indeed
dangerous because you cannot be fooled.

5. The Jew stops the discussion, following page 31 in the Hasbara handook, and walks away

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