Dear fellow human who have given yourself a Jewish identity

Judaism incites to crimes against humanity

Dear fellow human who have given yourself a “Jewish identity”.
If you are a proponent of universal humanism, this post dear sister and brother is for you to read and investigate my claims, and then take relevant action.

I refer to you, to distinguish you, by refering to you as “Jewish humanists”, for you others the Jewish supremacists who reject the idea that all people are created equal, I refer to you to just as “Jews” or “Jews/satanists”.


Humanist Rabbi Jehiel Jacob Weinberg,  follower of insignificant medieval rabbi Meiri cries over Judaism hate of mankind, on pages 112 and 118


I have another post referencing you, Jews/satanists, where I describe that I dream about slaughtering you, completely ridding this planet of you. You are a satanic evil that needs to be routen out, you must be killed everywhere you are found, as the enemies of humanity you are. The problem is  only how to identify you and how to prevent Mossad killing innocent Jews for defamation of the movement.
I sincerely believe that the majority of people defining themselves as Jews, are humanists who reject the idea that Jewish lives are more worth, and would whistle blow and condemn Jewish supremacists, if given the opportunity, regardless of the personal cost, always putting humanity as a whole first.
I believe that there are only a relatively few hard-core criminals who simply cannot condemn the cold blooded gunning down of Palestinian children.

The problem for you though, dear sister and brother in the human race, is that some gentiles who have woken up, have taken your myth about being a Jewish race literally. These people are dangerous. These people will not bother checking whether you are a humanist or not, on the day of catastrophe for us all. So listen to me, follow me, I know the road out of this.
First understand the following:
We gentiles, see and understand this:
The Halakhah forbids the saving of gentiles from death if the reason is feelings of compassion, it endorses stealing and fraud towards gentiles, but you are still not whistle blowing this on a global scale, you are not making any noise, and you are still transmitting the message that Jews have been persecuted innocently for 2000 years.
At the same time, the information about the Holocaust fraud, the Holo-hoax is all over internet, no serious person believe it. We gentiles are learning about the Talmud, the commentaries on the Talmud,  how the Halakha is derived, etc.
All this is understood as that you prefer victim status rather than giving up information so that we the gentiles can protect our children, for the gains that Israel can receive in the forms of impunity of its crimes because Jews are described as the only real victims of the universe, rather than whistle blowing and condemning that Judaism forbid compassion towards gentiles. This makes you evil in our eyes.
They read the bible and see that your ancestors did not warn their gentile neighbours that their firstborns were going to get killed, Jews didn’t warn the gentiles before, and you seem not be willing to warn gentiles now.  Since these gentiles believe your race-story, you are then an evil race, that cannot be cured.

It is obvious to us all that Jews try to hide the Halakhot from Non-Jews, though they are described by Jewish humanists professors, former rabbis, filmmakers, humanist Jews in general who still believe in Judaism, that Judaism can be something beautiful and pure.
Then we have also Khabbalists who belive that revealing the Halakha will hasten the arrival of the Moshiah, and they are stating it bluntley, like rabbi David Bar Chaim who on youtube explain that if the gentile who you don’t know is pro-Jewish or not is falling out of a cliff, don’t save him (at 25:00), and (at 1h:16:00) if he is drowning let him drown and don’t admit if you are a “maters swimmer”,

Also the late Israeli state Chief Sephardi Rabbi, , that Goyim have no right to exist on this earth, save as slaves for the Jews, confirming the animal status of gentiles.
These people belive that since the Halakha is from God, it cannot be stopped, as Kabbalists they belive that by creating the war of Gog and Magog, the Moshiah will come sooner. Even  the former chief of Shin-Beth Yuval Diskin has accused Netnyahu of Messianism, that is doing things to provoke the coming of the Moshiah.

People who are denying the hate towards gentiles int the Halakhah are the real destroyers because everything is now so easliy debunked, they really represent true evil.
You know that they know, they know that you know from the details you are presenting from the rabbis tzadik or not, who was a graduate of Merkatz HaRav or not, but they deny, hoping to confuse others who are following the discussion, then they run away pretending to be hurt, because they don’t want a situation where evidence is presented from Jewish humanists and other Jewish sources. These people should really be killed off, without hesitation. They represent true evil Jewish supremacy, they believe that the gentiles deserve not to find out that it is forbidden according to Judaism, to save his children from death if the reason is compassion, only.
I have not problem at all with rabbi David Bar Chaim, who on Youtube describe that you should let the gentile die. It is his religious belief and he is stating it openly, and he is giving me a chance to protect my children. I would defend his right to worship this satanic god. He is not a threat to anybody. I have no problem with him declaring that he does not believe that all people are equal, it is his right to believe so. He is declaring it openly. No gentile feel threatened.
Gentiles will  happily continue to put guards around synagogues, protecting your rights to believe what ever you want, to live your lives however you want as long as you don’t hurt anybody.
-Your religions says it is forbidden to save my child from death just of compassion? OK, no problem, it’s your religion, no hard feelings, I’ll just watch out for my kid better. Ciao! Hey, thank’s for telling!


Please, dear sister and brother in the human race, research these links which prove
that Rabbinic Judaism has declared war on mankind.
-From Jewish humanists professors: Judaism incites to crimes against humanity.
Judaism forbids saving gentile from death, if the reason is universal humanism. Endorses stealing and fraud towards Non-Jews. From Jewish whistleblowers, Jewish sources:

-There is no Jewish race: Youtube: Mongolian Jews, Chineese Jews, Indian Jews, Japaneese Jews, Black Jews, Blonde Jews, ( not on youtube Vietnameese Jews). There is no scientific evidence for Jewishness transmitted by mothers blood. It is a myth.

The Jewish Race1
Research conversion, Christ complained in Matthew 23, about rabbis proselytizing gentiles, making them the worst people, “children of hell”
Research the origins of Akhenazi Jewry from Khazaria according to Arthur Koestler, Dr. Eran Elhaik. According to geneticits Dr. Ariella Oppenheimer their haplotype indicators differ slightly. The proselytizing in Judaism is an undisputed fact. The belief is that there were Jewish souls on mount Sinai when your God gave the commandments, and that theses are wrongly in gentile bodies and need to be brought back

– Gentiles have thrown Jewry out ca 109 times the last 2000 years. Hitler wanted to collect all Jews and transport them out of Europe. This cannot be only of Christian antisemitism, but because your ancestors were victims of Rabbinic Judaism. Forgive me for stating it that bluntly, but time is running out.
-Jewish humanists survivors WW2: Holocaust didn’t happen as you were told.
-6 million dieing suffering Jews mentioned 271 times in Newspapers from 1905. Here live-walkthrough of 10 newspapers from 1915-1938
-Hitler protected Jews, according to the worlds undisputed authority on Hitler, Mr. David Irving.

Hitler wanted to transport Jewry to Palestine, but was convinced by the Mutfi not to. He became fond of the Palestinians, speaking of “noble arabs”. Research:”Ten questions to the Zionists by Rabbi Michael Bar Weissmandle”.

-Hitler confess that he was disturbed of anti-Semitic press of Vienna, and that he thought they were products of  jelousy and envy.
Page 52, Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf English translation unexpurgated 1939

Judaism is destroying this earth
-Carl Bernstein: “Jewish necons for Iraq war MSNBC”

-NYPD radiotransmissions. Mossad agents caught with vans full of explosives. Released by rabbi Michael Chertoff
Pentagon hit with missile from Israeli Dolphin class submarine according to retired military and intelligence personel at Veterans Today.

9/11: Video of Missile Hitting Pentagon Leaked

9/11 Update: More proof no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon

-Secretary of Transportation Tony Mineta on hearing describing that Dick Cheney forbade that shoot down of incoming missile twice

-Israel massacers US navy personel in liferafts 1967, under a 3 hour attack. 2 US Flags shot at.
-Israeli snipers kill Americans soldiers in Iraq, aired as anti-Islam piece on Jewish Owned CNN

-High ranking Israeli Officer caught as an officer of ISIS, claiming Israel is working to fulfil End-time prophesies with Kabbalistic methods:

Captured Israeli Flag Officer Sequestered to Prevent Israeli Raid

Mossad killed Jews, bombed synagogues, for Iraqi Jews to emigrate, according to Naim Giladi, founder of World Organization Of Jews from Islamic Countries

This site is by me suspected to be a Khabbalist operation. It features the murderer of 69 young Norwegian Socialdemocrats Pro-Palestinian activists, Anders Breivik, who in writing states that he is pro-Jewish, a mason, and an anti-Nazi, and presents him as a Nation Socialist. The heading is “Total National Socialist Victory is near. Leave not a single Jew alive”
There are also suspicions of that the 1992 AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires where 80 people died was a Mossad black-op.

-80 percent of the Bolsheviks were Jews, according to president Putin. It was a Jewish revolution, 20-30 million gentiles killed. All guards in the Gulags were Jews, according to nobel prize winner Alexander Solzenitsyn

-Israeli soldiers killing Palestinian children without chred of remorse, and getting aquitted
-Jewish elite is preparing for world government, preparing for Moshiah
-The nations of the world muste be dissolved
-Israeli agents on Greek islands helping refugees intro Europe, while Israel is exchanging their refugees for weapons to Africas countries
Israel Officially Aids 3rd World Invasion of Europe
-Count von Coudenhove-Calergi. Nations must be dissolved and ruled over by pure-blood Jews
-ISIS created by US allies to destroy Israel’s nothern enemy according to US 4 star general. This means Israel.
– The Saudis the financiers of terroism are CryptoJews. Confession from king by misstake:

-Saddam Hussein Intelligence Service report on the origins of Wahabism, translated
Iraqi Intel – The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots_0
-Dönmhe Jews the Middle East Most Whispered Seceret, by investigative journalist Wayne Madsen

The information dear sister and brother is spreading like wild fire, the Jewish Elite needs your support for fulfilling ancient Jewish prophesis about ruling the world, in a one world government where goyim are slaves, from Jerusalem.
When Israel is mighty

If you love your children, if you love gentile children, please do something. Stop supporting the elites pet-project Israel, stand up for the Palestinian people, whistle blow the Halakha, the fact that compassion is forbidden towards gentiles.
There is no Jewish blood, there is only human blood. Stop Judaism before its poison kills us all.

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