Israeli soldier who shot & murdered Palestinian in Hebron: ‘Indictment is discriminatory’

“They argue that similar cases in the past resulted in a mere rebuke, and thus the current charge amounts to discrimination.”

The Ugly Truth


Elor Azaria’s lawyers call manslaughter charge in case, involving death of terrorist in Hebron, ‘arbitrary’ when compared to other incidents.

ed note–Just like the old saying concerning a broken clock being right twice a day, what this Juhadist is saying is correct–this is selective prosecution for a crime that has been committed by others of his same ilk but which received no legal attention.

The question that people watching all of this drama should be asking is WHY the Jewish state is now choosing to prosecute a Jewish soldier for carrying out a Judaicly-based murder that is not only sanctioned, but indeed COMMANDED by Jewish ‘ethics’ and Jewish ‘rules of war’.

2 reasons, both of which originate with the same source, which is an increasingly awake Gentile world–

1. If Israel were to do nothing after the video of this horrific act of religious barbarism were broadcast across the entire globe…

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