Leading Israeli human rights group says ‘no longer any point’ to filing complaints against soldiers

Enemies of humanity!

The Ugly Truth

Israeli soldiers stand guard near the scene where two Palestinian men were shot dead by Israeli troops at the Beit Ainun junction northeast of Hebron in the occupied West Bank on Jan. 12, 2016. An Israeli army spokesperson said that Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man after he allegedly attempted to stab soldiers at the junction. (Photo: APA Images/Wisam Hashlamoun)

ed note–the question that is never (honestly) asked or (honestly) answered however is WHY things such as this take place. When pressed, left-wing ‘pro-Palestinian’ individuals/groups will say it is because ‘conservative’ elements have taken over Israel, but that if more ‘progressive’ and ‘left-leaning’ interests can take the reins, things will be better.

Hogwash. Israel began as a ‘left-wing’ entity, and some of the bloodiest, violent and racist programs against the Palestinians were implemented/overseen by left-wing leaders, including Ben Gurion.

The reason that things such as this exist because whether it is ‘right-wing’ Judaism, where the attacker beats his victim to death with a crowbar or whether it is ‘left-wing’ Judaism that gives the victim pain killers ahead of time so as to ease the victim’s suffering, the bottom line is that it is JUDAISM, which is the source of the violence, a fact that is plainly spelled out in black and…

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