Israeli intel chief: ‘We Do Not Want I.S.I.S defeat In Syria; Defeat Will put Israel in hard position’

Connect the dots: General Wesley Clarke confessed. “Our allies created ISIS to fight Hezbollah”

The Ugly Truth


Sabba – Former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon said the exact same thing back in January: “In a choice between Iran and ISIS, I prefer ISIS”. In fact, we have countless similar statements by the jews at all levels. And so it really baffles the minds that so many, too many people in this ‘movement’ still do not get it, still believe that I.S.I.S  represents of branch of Islam and that ALL Muslims are out there to kill Christians, rape ‘white’ women, invade Europe etc.

In my very own experience, it is always,  ALWAYS, the so called white supremacists Untermenschen,  Adolf Hitler and N.S Germany worshipers who find it above their rational faculty to connect these dots.  They reject everything negative that the MSM tell about NS Germany but they will believe anything positive that the same  MSM say about it. They reject everything positive that the MSM may say…

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