God’s Chosen executioners–‘I will shoot you in front of your mother’ – Israeli forces follow through on threat to Palestinian youth

According to Judaism The Non-Jew is an animal in human shape, if he is not a servant of the Jews he has no right to exist.
There is no penalty for murdering a Non-Jew in a Beith-Dinh
The Non-Jew is not supposed to be saved from death

The Ugly Truth

ed note–but remember, those words pic’d above from the Torah commanding GAAAAWD’S chosenoids to kill every living thing in sight had NOTHINGWHATSOFREAKINGEVER to do with this execution, nor with the incessant bloodbath that as has taken place ever since this pack of maurading hyenas moved into the region, and if you doubt this for a moment, you’re a filthy anti-Shemite.

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