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  1. Youssef Lahoud says:

    Good day, if this is a jewish page, i would like to meet someone in near halmstad. My name is Youssef, i am catholic by birth but i am interested of becoming a jewish because the old testement (Torrat) makes me feel more spiritual and i am so impressed by the prophets life than the new testement.
    You may call me on 0700534225.

  2. This site started as a general site for promoting the ideas of Direct democracy in Halmstad, but discovered the Palestianian struggle and how the Palestinian people are suffering under Judaism.
    This page is definitely not pro (Rabbinic) Judaism. It uses sources about Judaism, from Jewish humanists whistle blowers, who are “humans first” , but also info provided from shameless Jewish supremacists, who contend they are a different species of infinitely higher order, higher value.
    (This site does not address the Karaite version of Judaism.)

    Using their information, their words, this site summarizes that Judaism has declared war on humanity, that Judaism as a religion is an enemy to the Palestinian people and to the rest of humanity.

    According to Judaism, one of the signs of the Moshiach is that he will fight “God’s war” against Amalek.
    Amalek are all people who oppose the (Oral )Torah (Talmud, the commentaries on Talmud from the sages and the Zohar). The oral Torah, say that Non-Jews have no right to exist, save as for slaves to the Jews.
    This site accuses the religion of Judaism, and not Jews per se.
    This site recognizes that there are Jewish humanists, who still want to define themselves as Jews, but define themselves first and foremost as humans.
    This site recognizes these peoples efforts, when they call out Israel’s atrocities against he Palestinians, with “Not in my name!”, recognizes their struggle for humanism, when they demand removal of the hateful Halakhot – “Not my Judaism!”.
    These people are fellow combatants. heroes. God bless them! May they live forever!
    There is however a point, when followers of Judaism internalize the teachings of Judaism. Which is believing:
    -Jews are a different species having(infinitely) higher value, than the Non-Jew
    -it is forbidden to break the Sababbth to save the Gentile from death
    -acts of compassion towards the Gentile is forbidden – “Lo Sichonaym”
    -deception and fraud towards the Non-Jew is allowed
    then these persons are making themselves the enemies to humanity. This is not something groundbreaking new.
    These people know they are the enemies of the Goyim, are proud to be enemies of the Goyim, contend they have the birthright to rule over the Goyim.
    They think that Goyim, who do not want a life in inferiority under them are pure evil, but that the Goyim who accept being their slaves are the “righteous among the nations”.
    The slaves must not take one day of rest, according to the Halacha:

    What do I propose?
    -Ban Rabbinic Judaism as the ultimate form of hate speech that it is.
    It is a menace to humanity, it is pure evil trash.
    It belongs at the dust bins of history.
    It has caused too much human misery.

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