UNPRECEDENTED–Dem Rep McDermott– ‘Israel Is Conducting ‘Air War’ on US Gov’t, Willing to ‘Use Our President’ for Their Purposes’

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European Union, Israel Lobby, and Islamophobia

Rehmat's World

European-Union-flag-picture-gif-animation[1]Currently, Brussels-based European Union is under attack from White supremacists, some Jewish-controlled politicians and media. Last week, Brits voted to divorce European Union. Now, their are voices in France and Germany to follow the suit.

Very few people know that European Union was established by big bankers and its policies are controlled by Zionist Jews (here, here, here). On May 9, 2016, Ari Paul spill the bean at The Jewish Daily Forward. He said that “Jews need the European Union – Warts and all.”

On March 9, 2016, the LA-based Public Interest Investigation and Spinwatch released its latest report, entitled, ‘The Israel Lobby and the European Union’, which took more than two years to complete. The report uncovers the matrix of relationships within the pro-Israel Jewish lobby – a social movement that overlaps considerably with the transatlantic Islamophobia industry. For…

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20 Congress members send Obama letter requesting protection of Palestinian children from Israeli abuses

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SOTT  – Twenty Congress members have called on President Obama to take action to protect the rights of Palestinian children. The lawmakers sent the president a letter on June 20, urging him to appoint a…

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Prominent American professor proposes that Israel “flatten Beirut” — a 1 million-person city it previously decimated

Enemies of humanity…

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Israeli intel chief: ‘We Do Not Want I.S.I.S defeat In Syria; Defeat Will put Israel in hard position’

Connect the dots: General Wesley Clarke confessed. “Our allies created ISIS to fight Hezbollah”

The Ugly Truth


Sabba – Former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon said the exact same thing back in January: “In a choice between Iran and ISIS, I prefer ISIS”. In fact, we have countless similar statements by the jews at all levels. And so it really baffles the minds that so many, too many people in this ‘movement’ still do not get it, still believe that I.S.I.S  represents of branch of Islam and that ALL Muslims are out there to kill Christians, rape ‘white’ women, invade Europe etc.

In my very own experience, it is always,  ALWAYS, the so called white supremacists Untermenschen,  Adolf Hitler and N.S Germany worshipers who find it above their rational faculty to connect these dots.  They reject everything negative that the MSM tell about NS Germany but they will believe anything positive that the same  MSM say about it. They reject everything positive that the MSM may say…

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Israeli settlers stealing Palestinian houses


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9/11: Netanyahu planned it

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JohnStewart911OutsideJob-300x166[1]Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his book, Uprooting Terrorism, in which he speaks of plans to attack the United Nations building or the WorldTrade Center in order to unite Americans behind a ‘Clash of Civilizations’; non-stop wars between the Christian world and Muslim world to destroy Israel’s enemies.

Since September 11, 2001, successive US administrations have blamed phony Al-Qaeda, Iraq, and Iranfor the terrorist attacks. Now, Israeli poodles like Senators John McCain, Bob Graham and the rest of the AIPAC creeps, and the western media are trying to make Saudi Arabia scapegoat for the 9/11 terrorist attacks in order to protect Israeli crimes.

In March 2016, a US court vindicated Saudi Arabia and ordered Iran to pay damages to the so-called “victims” of Israeli terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

In April 2016, Riyadh threatened Washington that if it blamed Saudi ‘royals’ for the 9/11 – it will

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